Saturday, June 16, 2012

75% of the battle presentation.  Everytime I reheat leftovers, introduce a new food, or give a rejected food a second try, that phrase runs through my head.  Focus on the presentation:  think about how it looks on the plate and make it appealing.  If presented well, even the most doubtful food critic will be tempted to taste just one bite.  And then you can catch them, hook-line-sinker. 

This little fellow is sitting on my counter and reminds me of the presentation equation:

My little Pickle painted him as part of this family:

As he was painting I said that it looked like the little bird was eating squash or pumpkin. 
He responded:

"Yes, he is eating squash. That's why he's frowing up."

Guess I have work to do on the other 25%.

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