Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fuzzy Bunny Feather "Tea"

A tiny white teapot that is reserved for Pickle tea parties.  

This morning it is full of freshly steeped fennel "tea."  Normally, fennel tea is made by steeping crushed fennel seeds, but because the fuzzy bunny feathers in my garden are in the height of their glory right now, we decided to try brewing some of our fresh fronds.  We were delighted with a refreshingly flavored water, soft and delicate.

We picked about this many fresh fennel fronds, petting our plant, and enjoying the licorice scent on our fingertips.

We heated 4 cups of water to steamy, but not quite boiling.  We tore the fennel into smaller pieces, dropped it in our hot water and then covered it.  We allowed the fronds to steep for 15 minutes, strained, and served.

 Like sunshine and earth infused directly into the teapot. A softly licorice-kissed eathy "tea."  Just right for little Pickles who don't prefer strong teas.  And for their chef, who is enamored with fuzzy bunny feathers.

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