Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Of fairies and doughnuts

It's about finding a middle ground.

I had been secretly planning a woodland fairy theme for Pickle's birthday.  Tree branches, flowers, shiny pebbles, little fairies, and woodland gnomes--the ideas were coming together.  Then Pickle announces her idea for a doughnut birthday cake.  Hmmm.  The picture in my head of a brightly sprinkled and sweetly glazed doughnut stood in stark contrast to the earthy woodland fairies that had been residing there.  I knew there had to be a point where the two topics could collaborate.

Of course!  A sweet bird's nest!  Toasted coconut "sprinkles" atop a ring of chocolate spread on a coconut doughnut, and three baby bird egg jelly beans resting on one side--how sweet, how earthy, how perfect!  And yes, Pickle was delighted!

Here's how I did it:

I baked the doughnuts in a doughnut pan using this FABULOUS cake recipe.  I used white rice flour and changed only the shortening to organic coconut oil.  
The recipe perfectly filled my six doughnut pan. 

For the chocolate icing I melted 1/2 cup wheat/dairy/soy free chocolate chips with 1/4 cup water, allowed it to come to room temperature, then beat it with an electric mixer until it reached a spreadable consistency.  This is my favorite chocolate icing.  Ridiculously easy and delightfully rich. 

To make coconut sprinkles, I toasted about 1/2 cup of unsweetened coconut in a pie pan under the broiler in the oven, watching closely and stirring a few times until the coconut just slightly browned.  After the coconut cooled and while the chocolate icing was still soft, I sprinkled the coconut over each doughnut.  I dipped each "egg" jelly bean in the extra icing to make it stick on the doughnut.

Happy Birthday to my Pickle!

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