Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Real Food Revelation

As I waited in line at a local fast-food drive through yet again, I watched a mother bird and her baby hopping to and fro in the fairly quiet parking lot.  The mother bird bounced around scavenging for food, never losing sight of her baby.  The little one, not as practiced as his mother, did his best to follow his mother's footsteps--hopping where she hopped, pecking at what she pecked at.  I was enthralled as I observed the beautiful relationship and trust between mother and child. 

Soon enough, the mother happened upon a discarded french fry.  She plucked it up and hopped over to her little baby.  I nearly gasped!  "Stop, Mama Bird!  Don't you know the oils in that fry are harmful to your baby!?  Don't give it to him!  Don't you know that it is actually going to do more to break down your baby's digestive system rather than nourish and build it up?!  What about the future generations of birds that are going to be affected by what you feed your baby?!  Do we know what the genetically modified foods do to future generations?!  Stop!  Don't do it!  Save yourself!  Save your baby!  Fly away and find the food you were created to eat, like a healthy worm!"

That was the moment of my "Real Food Revelation".  What was I doing in this drive through?  I could see it so plainly for the birds, but did I really not take it seriously for my own family?  My children are just as dependant upon me as that baby bird on his mother to choose the best food for them.  They trusted me to do what was best for them.  What was I offering them?  What was I training them to look for and choose in the future?  Where was I teaching them to look for the best food?

Fun food does not have to come from any other establishment but our own family kitchen.  Just because a meal comes with a toy does not guarantee a happy gut.  While occasionally eating foods that are not always "top notch" is perfectly fine, I realized that I needed to make a new habit in the way of going for the real food first.  I had a renewed vision and a new mission:  make real food that would win over the other stuff.

When I hear one of my little pickle's say "You're a good cooker, Mommy!" I smile inside knowing that I just may be heading in the right direction.

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