Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ants on a ...

No, I don't want to talk about ants.  They have invaded.  They are everywhere.  I set my glass down on the counter and next thing I know, I am taking a drink with an ant staring me down.  I feel a tickle on my arm. 

An ant.

I clean and scrub and wipe away the ants, but the moment I step away they must send out a Twitter alert, because the ants don't come marching two by two--they just pour out of nowhere!

In honor of spite of the invading ants, we enjoyed this snack the other day.  Ants on a Log has been around for a good long time, but still makes a timeless, yummy, and easy snack.  I don't always have celery on hand, but I do often have apples!  The Pickles and I cored and sliced our apples into rounds, whipped up some peanut butter in the food processor, and topped with raisins.  This is a great snack for the Pickles to practice spreading the peanut butter and topping with raisins. 
I think that there could be so many variations, such as:

Pecan Butter
Dried Cranberries
Toasted Coconut

Almond Butter
Dried Cherries

Peanut Butter
Chocolate or Carob Chips

Mmmm.  Yeah, I love a good snack.  And I love making our own varieties of nut butter.  I don't keep prepared nut butters on hand because we never seem to go through them fast enough and I don't like to waste good food. So, I decided to just use the nuts I have on hand and grind them into butter as needed. I much prefer the taste!  Here's how we do it:

Nut Butter:

I simply throw a bunch of nuts (in this case:  roasted, blanched, no-salt peanuts) into the food processor and process away.  The nuts go from being broken up into coarse chunks, to looking like a grainy sand, to suddenly clumping together and rolling around in a ball, to being broken down again into a paste that sticks all around the food processor bowl.  I like my nut butters with just a bit of a fine "crunch" left, so this is just perfect for us.

That's all I do.  Really.  Just use one finger to push the power button on the food processor.  It's easy.

And that's good. 

Becuase I'm using my other hand to wage war with the ants.


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    1. Thanks! Arn't you lucky to have missed the ivading horde!!

  2. Oh, you are too, too funny! It's enjoyable just reading these posts! LOL!