Monday, September 17, 2012

Grilled Perfection

At least that is the word that ran through my mind.
Flavor so perfectly balanced, that you have to eat another bite to confirm that it is true.
And another.
And eventually, when all is eaten and gone, you are satisfied with your first conclusion.  Yes.  This recipe really is perfect!

A southwestern flair brings this chicken satay to life.  Marinated in kefir for 24 hours brings a tenderness and creamy dimension, while dried crushed red peppers heat, cumin warms, and cilantro and corriander brighten.  Don't forget the onion, garlic and mustard that round out all the flavors perfectly!  I followed the recipe as written, save for cutting the red pepper flakes back by half and choosing to marinade for a full 24 hours.  Even the tiniest Pickle couldn't get enough!  Serve with a fresh garden salad, rice and beans for a well, perfect meal.

You can find the recipe for Spiy Chicken Satays here at Napa Valley Register.

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