Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give Thanks to...

Squished in between Halloween and Christmas is one of my top favorite holidays.  It has all but vanished from department store holiday paraphanelia offerings and in social media it is more often referenced as Turkey Day or Football Day.  Looking around for a reference to "Give Thanks" is like looking for a needle in a haystack in this culture.  The emphasis seems to lie more in what foods you plan to stuff yourself with on that Thursday in November than on the actual definition, purpose or history of the holiday itself. 

I like food as much as anyone.  Obviously.  I blog about it and spend hours in my garden, at my kitchen counter, stove, and oven creating food that will nourish and delight.  But food is not the point of this particular day.

I suppose the lessening of this holiday has something to do with the fact that to say "Give Thanks" requires a subject and an object implied in that sentence.  "You" is the assumed subject.  The object of your thanks?  I suppose that is where the truth comes out about why our culture has eliminated "Thanksgiving" from cultural modern vocabulary.

To give someone thanks for what I have recognizes that I can't take credit for what I have, have had, and will have tomorrow.  I can't claim authority on my existence here:  it is beyond my capabilities.

And that is what I choose to acknowledge and recognize:  What has been bestowed on my life is not of my own doing.

It has been given, blessed, to me. 

Every last little thing that I have, that I have been spared from, that I have been challenged in, that has made me grow and learn...have all been perfectly and purposefully prepared by the One who holds my life in His hands.  

Yes, I give thanks to the Lord of All who daily showers me with blessings that I do not deserve, who spares me through His Son from the punishment I deserve, and who molds me and shapes me into the person He has created me to be.

I will shout it from the mountaintops. 
Happy Thanksgiving! 
On this, the Thanksgiving holiday, and every other day that surrounds it on the calendar and in my life, I will
GIVE THANKS to the Lord,
for He is good.

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