Monday, December 24, 2012

Frozen Carob Bananas

This Pickle came to me with a request:  Could he pleeeeease make this treat out of his cookbook?
He didn't have to ask twice.  We revamped the original just a bit, but the results were Pickle-pleasing for sure!
Frozen Carob Bananas
You've probably already guessed it--this is our take on Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas.  I prefer carob, especially for the Pickles, because there is no caffeine as there is in chocolate.  The taste is a bit different from chocolate of course, but we like it just as well!
We melted our carob chips and added just a little bit of coconut oil to keep it flowing nice and smooth.  The little Pickle chef carefully sliced his bananas into quarters (though halves or thirds would stay on the stick easier for dipping, just for future reference).  He inserted wooden popsicle sticks and dipped each banana into the melted carob, and then carefully turned the carob covered banana in a dish of finely chopped unsweetened coconut flakes.
Onto a lined tray they went, and into the freezer.  A few hours later, we were enjoying a refreshing sweet treat.

Even the little gherkin.

Later, when I opened my cupboards, these mini cupcake papers caught my eye:

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Forget the popsicle stick and make Frozen Carob Banana "Truffles"!

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