Monday, January 14, 2013

A (lemony) Nautical Party

A bright and brisk birthday morning dawned for one of the Pickles with a nautical-themed 6th Birthday Party.  He had requested Lemon Pie as his birthday dessert, and the lemon theme morphed into a blue and yellow theme, and finally settled on a rustic nautical theme with plenty of lemons throughout.

The morning started by finding not gifts on the birthday table, but next to the driftwood boat and the assorted collected shells, there was a note in a bottle.
It read:
Your presents have drifted out to sea.  Follow the clues in bottles to find where they have washed ashore!
The first clue was written on the backside of this note.

And so the Birthday Pickle, with the help of all his enthusiastic and eagerly anxious siblings, went on a scavenger hunt to find his birthday gifts.  Clues were hidden in places such as the washing machine, chicken feed bin, carseat and even at church! 
At some point during the morning hunt, we took a break for a Strawberry Lemon Kefir Smoothie:

Touches of the sea and lemons were showcased in the decor.  A bunting made from fabric scraps and rope hung above the dining room table...
...while origami boats recyled from brown paper grocery bags, with bamboo skewer masts and craft paper sails brought their cargo of old-fashioned sanded lemon drops and lemon stick candy to the party. 

Eventually all bottled messages were located and deciphered, the presents were discovered and opened, and it was time for a Pickle-friendly birthday lunch celebration!
In fashion true to a 6-year-old boy, we served Frogmore Stew without eating utensils.  Yep, this was a hands-only meal!  A super simple and filling main meal that has fun-factor all through it!  We simply cover our table with paper and pour the sausage, shrimp, potatoes, and corn down the middle and everyone helps themselves.


Salt and pepper were served at the table in clean oyster shells for personal seasoning.

Cornbread fit perfectly with our rustic meal.  Baked using the recipe from Cooking for Isaiah, I subbed kefir for the rice milk/vinegar called for in the recipe.  This kept our cornbread nice and moist!
At some point during our meal, the Birthday Pickle noticed that shrimp, when cooked, looks like a number 6!  How appropriate!

Of course you need napkins for this meal!  We decked out our striped navy and white napkins with a life preserver napkin ring that I fashioned and baked out of Sculpey clay.  (The plasticware was for dessert.)

Lemon made a bold appearance again in our Lemon Thyme Tea.  Served in pint-sized canning jars and adorned with a white (peppermint) LifeSaver tied with jute, the navy and white paper straws were the finishing touch!
Both the cups and napkins were ready and waiting before the party in our antique wooden soda-pop crate. 

Of course no birthday is complete without dessert! 
By request, the Pickle had Creamy Lemon Coconut Pie topped with sweet Coconut Whipped Cream. 
And for a bright and tangy compliment, Lemony Raspberry Sorbet served in frozen lemon bowls ended our party perfectly!

Happy Birthday to my favorite 6-year-old Pickle!

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