Friday, January 11, 2013

Fast Food: Cabbage "Pasta" Marinara

Fast Food is a reality in our house.  Not from a drive-through window though.  Just straight from our kitchen.  And it fills us with good food and keeps us going on our way.
My freezer is my fast food secret.  Not because I stash processed foods in there, but because I prepare wholesome ingredients that will be ready to go at a moments notice!  Ingredients like ground beef are a good example.  Rather than always freeze ground beef in the raw state, I often like to brown a pound of ground beef with an onion, allow it to cool down, and then package and freeze for later use.
This was a fast food dinner we enjoyed recently.  Having my beef already browned and ready to go, made this dinner a snap.  In a large skillet I put a head of cabbage, sliced thin, and a jar of pasta sauce.  I added the ground beef with onion, and allowed it all to simmer and cook together until the cabbage "pasta" was cooked, "al dente."  We served it with peas and apple slices for a super yummy, super fast food meal! 

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