Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fast Food: Chicken and Veggie Skillet Stir Fry

Chinese Take-Out may be tempting for dinner on a busy night, but with pre-cooked frozen chicken breast cubes and a bag of frozen (or random assortment of fresh) stir-fry vegetables, dinner is on its way to the table already! 
Nourishing fast food:  it's win-win!
For the skillet pictured here, I grabbed a bag of frozen pre-cooked chicken cubes out of the freezer, and while I was there, I grabbed the frozen sugar snap peas and chopped bell peppers.  I peeled and sliced a handful of carrots and started steaming them in a bit of water in the skillet for a few minutes to soften them.  I also chopped up an onion and a few garlic cloves and threw them in with the carrots.  (Hmmm, if I had some mushrooms to saute that would have been yummy....) 
At this point, the smells of supper on the way drew a Pickle into the kitchen who was more than willing to stir the skillet in supper anticipation. 
When the carrots were nearly tender, I added my frozen collection.  While those were cooking away their coolness, I found last night's leftover peas in the fridge.  Hey, why not?  In they went.  Instead of regular soy sauce, I grabbed Bragg's Liquid Aminos.  Made from soy, it is less salty and potent and is made from non-GMO soybeans.  I just poured a bit of that over the top, stirred it through my now-heated-through dinner, and served it over some white basmati rice (which takes all of 6-7 minutes of cooking time itself!) 
Yes, this was a fast food meal that will left us satisfied and nourished!

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