Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Findings: Bay Scallops

**Occasionally on Fridays I will post a Friday Finding--a recipe that I have come across that requires no tweaking to be wheat or dairy free. That's not to say that I may not still put my own spin on it! But sometimes it is just nice to find a recipe to read "as-is" and whip it up without further adjustments!**

My seafood experience has been relatively slim.  I do enjoy eating it, but my cooking experience has been few and far between.  Maybe growing up in the midwest is good enough reason to explain the situation.

 Little by little, I have been learning more about cooking various dishes of the sea or other waterways.  I am finding, right next to the flavor, that the best part of cooking seafood is that it never takes much time!

These bay scallops were a first for me.  While I have cooked the larger sea scallops before, I had never even heard of bay scallops!  Of course, we remedied that little problem rather quickly with this recipe.  And am I ever so glad we did!  The dijon mustard was tangy next to the mild scallops, and the red peppers were a fresh sweetness while the fresh parsley brought the stronger herbacious flavor.  Every ingredient spoke its part, yet unified beautifully into one balanced dish.

Pro or no at seafood, this recipe is worth repeating!  Here you go:

(Serve over rice pasta or rice.)

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