Monday, May 27, 2013


We love ice cream.  We love ice cream to celebrate.  We celebrate all sorts of things:  a day that the sun shone, completed school work, a good day of work, a happy day at the park, waking up, maybe even a snow fall, definitely a Friday.  We look for excuses to celebrate anything with good ice cream.  I guess that we must confess that we just really like ice cream.

We also try not to break the bank celebrating with our ice cream.  So a good homemade recipe is necessary!
Absolutely necessary.

Here's a Strawberry Ice Cream recipe that we recently found that is delicious.  No funky tastes that remind you that you are dairy free.  Just sweet cold deliciousness.

Go celebrate.  Something.  Anything. 

Check out the recipe here:  Strawberry Almond Milk Ice Cream

*Disclaimer #1:  There are three ice cream recipes listed here, but I have only tried the strawberry.  I will say though that the others look lovely as well!

*Disclaimer #2:  I used fresh strawberries, and skipped the whole "cooking the berries" step.  Just whirred my berries with the sugar in my Magic Bullet.  Easy as pie.  Well, easy as ice cream.  Oh and the sugar?  Cut back if you like, it was really quite sweet for me.

*Disclaimer #3:  I don't really care for cornstarch in my recipes, though occasionally exceptions are made.  Maybe try arrowroot powder?

*Disclaimer about the disclaimers:  Don't let them scare you...this is a phenomenal recipe!!

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