Friday, May 17, 2013

Pea Week--Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry

School books would close for summer break and and what would greet us as the first task of the summer?
Shelling peas.  Shelling buckets and buckets of fresh green peas.  Mountains it seemed.  How a bucket, the size of Texas, full of un-shelled pea pods could be reduced to just my little Tupperware bowlful of peas never ceased to amaze me.  Those little green balls would be like precious nuggets of gold, patiently panned for from the green mountain stream.  And oh, the heartache if someone tipped the bowl over!
As much as the compost pile benefited from all those pods, it did seem that we could eliminate a step somewhere...
We switched variety.  Skip the shelling and grow a variety with an edible pod!  Now we have our peas and eat them, too!  Though really, the Pickles prefer them for this reason the most:  Instant snacks from the garden.
If any do happen to make it to the kitchen, here's one way that we like our sugar snap/snow peas:

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