Friday, May 10, 2013

Strawberry Week--Cream Puffs

It's ok.  You're right. 
It is Strawberry Week and there are no strawberries in this photograph.  But if you would, please just humor me and imagine some juicy sweet berries accompanying this wheat and dairy free delight:

This Cream Puff recipe was just too tempting to pass by.  I mean, how fun would it be to let my Pickles experience a real Cream Puff?  There are no "iffy" ingredients called for (at least as far as my standards go). And I easily replaced the cornstarch with arrowroot powder and replaced the grapeseed oil with expeller-pressed coconut oil, because those are my preferences.
I knew we were in for some fun when these came out of my oven:
Yeah, they were lookin' pretty real! 
And I absolutely love the recipe.  Well actually I love the outcome of the recipe!  Real Cream Puffs. 
They are real Cream Puffs.  I'm still astounded.
If you have ever eaten 'free, then you know what I mean.  These are not counterfeit.  They are...
Yeah, you know.
And yes, you may add strawberries to send them over the top!

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