Friday, September 27, 2013

Airplane Birthday Party

 Remember these Rice Krispies Treats?
We made a birthday cake out of them!
We made up a batch and pressed them into two 8" cake pans.  Cutting and assembly ideas were found at this blog over here.

When they were cooled and set, one was cut in half and stood up like this.  Kinda looks like a taco.

The second one was cut like so...

And then arranged into an airplane.  Or maybe it's a shark without a dorsal fin.  Taco.  Shark.  Airplane.  All in the same family, right?

 It only makes perfect sense to cover marshmallow coated puffed rice with more marshmallows and sugar, i.e. Marshmallow Fondant (this recipe is similar to what I use).

Finally the taco-eating flying shark goes for a bubble bath...or are those clouds?

What can I say? Whether or not the cake was a show-stopper, it certainly delighted this little Pickle  to find a runway and flying airplanes on his birthday morning! 
Happy Birthday, my Pickle Pilot!

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