Friday, October 25, 2013

Straw, Sticks, Bricks, and Pigs: A Book Character Party

 Every Pickle loves a party!  And really, so do I!
Here is a Book Character Party that we hosted last winter to beat the winter blues, have fun with friends, and encourage little minds to embrace reading and to be creative!
Our theme was based on "The Three Little Pigs."  Every child (and some parents!) that attended came dressed as their favorite book character.  To break the ice, we first gathered to "show and tell" books and costumes.  Of course, after this, everyone went by their character name for the rest of the party!
Here's Clifford, one of Mr. Popper's Penguins, and a Sneetch (of the star-bellied variety):
Hanging out by some painted rock decor for the party was The Cat in the Hat:

 Why am I posting this party on Feeding Pickle? Because parties involve food. And food is often a hurdle to be crossed and an obstacle to overcome when you are being mindful of food allergies/intolerances. But, check out what fun food we had!  You don't have to miss out on any of the fun!

 Keeping with the Three Pigs' theme, the food was tailored like this:

Straw = Rice Krispie Treat "Bales" and baked French Fries
Sticks = Wheat Free/Dairy Free Pretzel Sticks (I like Snyder's brand), Carrot and Celery Sticks
Bricks = Wheat Free/Dairy Free Brownies, Apples cut into "brick" chunks
Pigs = Little Sausage Links (read package for allergy concerns

We played games:
--In lieu of "Simon Says," we played "The Wolf Says..."
--We had a "Huff and Puff" contest.  With a start line marked on the table, the characters at the party blew a large and a small cotton ball across the line.  The one who blew the furthest without falling off the table earned a prize.
--We built "houses" out of various supplies (straws, clothespins, gumdrops, toothpicks, wooden blocks) and then the wolf (disguised as a hairdryer) came and attempted to blow the houses down!  There were some pretty amazing and sturdy little structures built!  Prizes were won if the characters built a house to outsmart the wolf!

While the kids enjoyed their treats at the end of the party, we read "The Bee Tree" by Patricia Polacco to encourage the work it takes to learn to read and to love learning from books.

The Pickles loved the party, and our food intolerances didn't hold us back from enjoying fun snacks and a fun time!

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