Monday, November 18, 2013


So the morning got away and suddenly it was, "Oh my it's what time?!"  
And the pancake breakfast was marketed as brunch.  Confession #1.

Confession #2:  As much as I adore syrup on my pancakes, I rarely serve pancakes with syrup.  Apparently I am scared of the inevitable sticky.  I come up with pancake topping alternatives.

I whipped out our rice pancake recipe and peeled a pile of (read: 8 big Granny Smith) apples.

I beat the pancake ingredients and chopped the apples.  Into a big pot with generous powdering of cinnamon, a few hearty shakes of allspice, a gentle pinch of nutmeg they went.  A splash of homemade vanilla, and a few tablespoons of orange juice helped until the apples warmed up to become juicy themselves.  Oh, and there were a few tablespoons of sucanat.  

Confession 3:  I don't like the flavor of sucanat.  I've tried, honestly I have.  But my taste buds get all out of sorts when they identify it.  I am learning to "hide" it.  Putting it in dishes like this masks whatever it is about the flavor that I don't seem to enjoy and brings a healthier sweetness to the apples.  

Anyways, I simmered them just until they were tender but not so long that they became applesauce.

These.  Were.  Good.

Because, the flavor?!  Oh, it was waaaaay beyond those paper plates.   Like a refined apple pie, warm and perfectly spiced so that what you taste is even better that what you smell.  The apples create a bit of a thick syrup that they all simmer down into.  And that vanilla?  Ooooh my, it elevates the whole experience.  The Pickles ended up eating the whole pan of apples and actually left a few pancakes on the rack.  Unheard of!

This is holiday worthy, guest worthy, birthday worthy, or just hungry worthy. It hits that spot.

While we're into confessions...I happen to adore paper plates.

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