Sunday, November 3, 2013

Then and Now


This is a Sunday night norm at our house.  Actually, it was a Sunday night norm as I was growing up too.  Just as the sunshine had settled into the blanket of the horizon for the night, my dad would get out the stir crazy popcorn popper.  I can still hear the rhythmic rotation as it stirred the oil around, whir, whir, whir, only to be finally interrupted by the sporadic popping.  Flip it over, and then season it with salt.  Dad always had the perfect amount of salt to popcorn ratio.  Into the big plastic blue bowl, and more often than not, we'd settle down and watch a movie all together.  Or someone would be reading, or knitting, or trying some project...with the popcorn bowl just within reach.  That was Sunday night then. 
is Sunday night now.
And I am enjoying sharing the resemblance (and the special popcorn bowl) with my Pickles.

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