Friday, December 6, 2013

Better than carry-out

It was one of those days.  The contents of the fridge rather reminded me of a basket off of Food Network's Chopped show.  Nothing appeared to fit together the first time we stood peering into the fridge.
{insert hungry sigh}
Should we do carry-out?
Wait, what did you just say?  That gave me an idea!  I see how the randomness fits!
Instead of ordering a chopped chicken salad, we simply pulled out our randomness, chopped it, tossed it in a bowl, and patted ourselves on the back. 
10/10 rating.
And we didn't get "chopped" on this round!
Chopped baby kale and spinach, last night's leftover baked chicken, pickles, and black olives.

Did the Pickle's like it?  Yes!  It is identical to what they would have ordered!

Better than carry-out, hands down!

Go for it! 
What do you like in your chopped salad?

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