Monday, March 24, 2014

Shortcuts--Fruit Tart and Cool Mom Points

Valentine's day seriously caught me off guard this year.  I know.  I earned no cool mom points this year.  No cool heart-shaped crafts or glitter flying from our craft table.  In plenty of time for Valentine's day, my mom sent a package for all the Pickles with enough supplies to make special heartfelt and handcrafted Valentine's Day cards for everyone they could possibly think of for weeks.  She definitely earned cool grandma points.  I however nearly passed the day right by.

At the last second I redeemed myself with this:
 A simple almond crust (here) topped with a can of cherry pie filling.

And we had a lovely Cherry Tart for our dinner dessert.

And you know, I think I won the hearts of my sweet little Pickles.

Moral of the story:  shortcuts like pie filling in a can are legal (read ingredients to make sure!) and earn back cool mom points.  Amen.

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