Monday, April 7, 2014

Shortcuts--Travelin' food

I love road trips.  
Actually they stress me out. 
 But I love planning to see new places, visit old friends.  
But I am a homebody.  And I like the same-ol', same-ol'.  
But the thrill of adventure and reunions always wins.

Therefore, we travel.  
And we travel with food.  Of course.  We love having food along on our trips.

Traveling with food intolerances has gotten easier over the years as more restaurants have become gluten/ dairy allergy aware.  Even then, the good old cooler has always been a great road-tripping friend to pack what we want and we can eat.  We have loaded down our faithful little blue cooler (of which we have worn the lid hinge right off!) with things like chopped carrots and celery, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, meats and salsa.

During a recent trip for our family, I decided to leave the cooler at home and see what we could pack without needing the ice.  Here is what we nibbled on all the way:

Fresh fruit:  We stuck with the ever-faithful bananas and apples.
Fruit cups:  Applesauce cups were the choice for this time, but all fruit cups pack up well.  Don't forget spoons.  Not that I have ever done that.  Maybe.
Granola bars:  We made our own this time.
Dried Fruits:  Pineapple, mangoes, raisins...we have a variety of favorites among us.
Fruit Snacks:  Yes, we do have a thing for soft and chewy snacks in the car on a trip.  Plus having your own little packet that you don't have to share with all the Pickles in your row?  Worth the extra pennies.
Chips: The Pickles all love the crisp veggie chips.  Don't know that the nutritional value is even worth considering, but we are on vacation, right?
Pretzels:  I am not about dropping brand names, but these are the best-tasting pretzels we have found for the best price.
Cookies:  Chocolate Chip and Monster Cookies are Travelin' Food staples!
Graham Crackers:  A recipe I am working to perfect, and they make a fun snack for trip taking or breakfast in a hotel.
Oh, and water.  Pleeeenty of water.

How about you?  What Travelin' Foods are your favorites?  Do you pack a cooler or leave it at home?

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