Monday, May 26, 2014

Sill up and running. Emphasis on the running...

Yes, Feeding Pickle still exists.  I know it has been quiet around here.  I suppose that being quiet here actually means that in the real Feeding Pickle world things are quite busy.  I haven't been lacking for ideas, just for the time to share them.

We actually eat from Feeding Pickle ourselves all the time.  In my absence here, I have actually been checking in here to make cornbread and "Sausage/Beans/Potatoes" (yes, don't we call it such an original name?) and roasted potato meals.  In busy times I default to the Old Faithful Few and don't test drive or create as many new recipes.  The sad part of that is that you don't know I'm checking in with you.  But, I am.  I'm still here.  I still have things I want to share with you.

And then, that time is over.  And it is time to try something fresh.  And that means, that I will get all excited and get on here and tell you about it!  Yay for you!  (...and Yay for our taste buds calling out for something new!)

Boy, did we find a good one.  This chicken and olive dish is so delightful for any season of the year: warm, cold, busy, slow.  It is just perfectly flavored with the lemon and the spices with the olives make it better than everyday fare.  I would make this recipe just for the olives.  They are worth the effort.  And honestly, it is very little effort.  This will probably join the ranks of the Faithful Few.

Here you go:
Lemon Chicken with Olives
**note:  I added an extra ten minutes to the end of my cooking time, bumping the temperature up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit to get the skin on the chicken nice and crispy.  Other than that, don't deviate from the recipe!  It is perfection!

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