Monday, June 16, 2014

A Simple Sweet Frog Party

A certain little Pickle here has an affinity for Sweet Frog.

He would be shocked if you had never heard of this frozen yogurt shop.
It's his absolute favorite.

A self-serve shop, that usually has a dairy/gluten free option, just right for this Pickle.

And a whole dream-come-true selection of self-serve toppings.

These Pickles know they get to choose two toppings, so choose wisely!

Instead of being totally traditional with cake and ice cream on this Pickle's birthday, we just made cookies instead.  (I found a good recipe here.  They are a little on the dry side, but they cut out easily and bake up well.)  I accidentally totally forgot about candles (maybe because I wasn't in cake mode?).  And then I also realized that I was out of powdered sugar when I went to make the icing.  Sprinkles baked on the cookies were just as good for us. 

Don't worry, even sans cake we did sing "Happy Birthday" all. day. long.  Every time we thought of it.  Until we were told that was enough.  No more singing allowed.

But still, this is the kind of party that he loved, and we loved sharing with him.

Table decor consisted of a water-colored tablecloth, with lily pads cut from craft foam and detailed with permanent marker.  I made the water lillies as you would make a gift bow, only I used strips of white craft foam intead of paper.  These decorations were double duty as once they were cleared from the party table, they were taken to the bath tub for playtime fun.
Creating a water lily table setting was easy with green plates and our foam lillies!
Happy Birthday, my Sweet-Frog-Loving Pickle!

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