Monday, July 14, 2014

Feeding Creativity: A quiet pause and party

The morning was humid warm and overcast.  The trees held still, and only a few quiet birds chased random moths in the yard.  The morning was good for reading, and piano practice for one.  And then, for just being.  No set schedule, and really, I didn't even look at the clock much.  We needed a break from the demands of something telling us if we were running behind "schedule," whatever that really is.

We did some little crafting involving paint and glue and clothespin airplanes.

And building a button and stick house for this little Cinderella, who apparently lost something other than her glass slippers.

With minimal prep, we set out on the porch what the Pickle's have dubbed a "Snacky Lunch:"  just a bunch of nibblers.

By the time we finished Cinderella's mini home shoot, we returned to find that some had already started our picnic...

...and they were busy munching away.

Of course, Cinderella decided she was not the type to miss out on the party.

Well, we all did.

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