Monday, July 28, 2014

Fruit Birthday Cake

This was by long and far the easiest and the most rewarding birthday cake I have ever made.  
It was so easy to assemble and the colors were absolutely brilliant.  The flavor was just as lovely as expected!

And, do you know how fun it was to serve a cake to a table-full of Pickles and honor their requests for seconds and even thirds?  I loved it!

I used nothing more than a simple knife and a biscuit cutter (to make evenly curved cuts) to create the cake.  A few toothpicks held fruit in where it appeared it would be likely to slip and fall.  But most of the fruit is simply set in place.

I actually used far less fruit than I was anticipating.  But I heard no complaints from the Pickle gallery later in the week as they nibbled on the leftover bag of cherries.

Judging by the blurs of excitement, the cake was well received by the birthday Pickle.

And the icing on the cake?
It even looked pretty when it was cut.

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