Monday, July 21, 2014

Travelin' Food - Take 2

Road trips, short and long, seem to keep popping up for us this summer.  Sometimes when we hit the road, I don't bother with a cooler, but most of the time our trusty blue cooler is stashed somewhere in our vehicle, chock full of snackable stuffs.  Most recently, I made individual veggie packs for easy distribution while cruising down the highway.  (No, I did not drive and disperse snacks simultaneously, in case you were wondering.)

Here's what I did and thanked myself for later:

 Cleaned, chopped veggies were portioned into sandwich baggies... 

...and then put into larger baggies in the number we would need at one time.

This. Worked. Perfectly.

Road Trip Snackin' Happiness.
(Oh, and seeing as certain Pickle's don't care for certain veggies, I did hear some bartering going on in the back seat.  It all worked out just right in the end!)

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