Thursday, January 1, 2015

Feeding Pickle in the New Year

Yes, it is a new year.

Fresh, clean, shiny, and full of untapped potential.  Dreams abound, expectations are high, and goals are the aim.  I love a fresh start.  A re-boot.  A chance to wipe the slate clean and press ahead with a renewed vigor.

While new resolutions are flying around like snowflakes in a blizzard today, I am refraining from adding to the storm.  I know how they work out for day, and then I have start over again the next day.  I have learned that I do best to do my best one day at a time.  So there are no stated profoud resolutions to be foud here.  

Changes, however, have arrived.  

2014 brought a bucketful of changes in our lives (and caused the blog to fall slient for a few months) and to think I could continue on the same well-trod path that we were treading before would be rather foolish.  Changes stretch us and grow us, bring pain, bring tears, but can also bring rejoicing.  So here we go, embracing the changes and what all they bring.

(Yes, this has been a food blog, and I didn't mean to deviate from the flour, sugar and coconut oil and wax mildly philosophical for a moment there.)

Changes are coming to this blog in 2015, my 'free foodie friends.  Whereas this has been a wheat and dairy free blog since it was imagined up a few years ago, it will continue to be {somewhat} of the same in that respect, and of course, somewhat different.  


Umm, now that we have made that as clear as the aforementioned blizzard, here's the lowdown of what exactly that means:

Food is a priority around here, therefore, there will always be food and food links and food pictures and food conversations here at Feeding Pickle.  We like food, and even with food intolerances we have found delicious ways to enjoy healthy and delicious food.  That part won't change.  Food is an intergal part of our existence; it's not going anywhere. (That wasn't supposed to sound obvious.)  A few other dietary changes have taken place in this household, so those may come into play.  But food will remain.  Amen.

Feeding Pickle takes on many forms:  food, brain, body, and spirit.  As the little Pickles grow in this home, we want to offer them nourishment to grow in every area.  We will tackle projects, learn lessons, fall down, pick up, and try again, and most of all seek after the One who feeds our souls.  Feeding Pickle will in the days ahead become a journal of Feeding Pickle in many areas of life.  While most all previous posts have been a solid "how-to" recipe or craft project, the style here is about to become a little more, shall we say "free-spirited."  More conversational.  Definitely more random, because that is most definitely our trademark in our real lives.  We may offer glimses into projects that we start, projects that we stop, musings that we have, quotes from the little thinkers, and links to recipes or sites that we find intriguing or delicious. The still-same goal will always be: Feeding Pickle.

I do hope you will join us.  It's been fun having you along so far.  Let's see what the Lord brings us through and to in the New Year!

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