Thursday, January 8, 2015

Party for a Pickle - Ice Cream Sandwiches

Nothing is more festive than sprinkles, in the Pickles' opinions.  Sprinkles on oatmeal is a perfectly valid way to celebrate a new morning, in their eyes.  So for the most recent Pickle's birthday, out came the sprinkles!

We made our own ice cream sandwiches by baking wheat/dairy free chocolate cookies, and pressing a generous amount of sprinkles on before baking.  While they were baking, I mixed up an Almond Vanilla Custard (dairy free) ice cream so it could cool off overnight in the fridge.  Cookies were cooled and boxed overnight.

Day of the party, I churned the ice cream in our ice cream freezer. removed it to a freezer-safe bowl,  and let it harden just slightly more in the freezer.  I still wanted it to be just soft enough to press it gently between two cookies.  Using my cookie dough scoop, I easily portioned the ice cream between two cookies.  Fast.  While the Pickles were busy washing up some lunch dishes, these came together in no time.  If it was a race, we could even say I won.  Back in the freezer they went until the party after dinner.

Homemade ice cream sandwiches means we can cater to several food needs quite easily.  Because the cookies are delicious to any diet, a variety of sandwiches can be made with multiple fillings.  Do you like real milk ice cream with strawberries in your chocolate cookie sandwich?  Maybe you go for the mint and chocolate combo?   Or are you a Pickle at heart, and it's really just all about the sprinkles?!