Monday, January 12, 2015

To die for...or at least to learn how to open a bottle of wine for

Post Christmas and Mid-Winter I like to find things to break up the hum-drum of winter.  
It's cold, it snows, it's cold, it freezes, it's cold, it snows, it's cold, I can't feel my fingers.  Clearly, what is lacking is warmth.

Besides breaking out the winter woolie socks and mitts, this recipe will warm you down to your heart and bones.  It is the definition of what a warming winter meal should be.  Flavors so perfectly rounded, it leaves nothing to be desired.  Either entertaining fine dinner guests, or cuddling down for the night in your thickest housecoat and fuzzy slippers, this is the recipe to make.

But make sure you have the tools/know how to open a wine bottle. 
I didn't have.  I didn't know.
I do know ingenious people who know.
Therefore, one screw, a pair of pliers, and my husband's muscles later...

I could finish the recipe.

Notes:  I followed the directions to a T.  Well, except...
...I used one very small dash of ground cinnamon in place of the stick cinnamon
...I eliminated the flour coating on the meat, completely.  Which is probably why...
...I actually forgot to cut up the roast into stewing chunks.  I left our chuck roast whole and baked it as directed
...I used the leftover broth/sauce/awesomeness over some oven-roasted carrots and potatoes the next day.  Don't waste one drop of the gloriousness.

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