Monday, January 19, 2015

Where Two Worlds Meet

The weather outside is just too cold, and icy, and sub-zero.  Roads are like glass mirrors of ice.  Icicles hang long and thick from the roof.  Snow shoveled from the driveway rises mountainous-ly high on each side.

oh well.

Grab the Camper Van--it's definitely time for a road-trip!

A look of confidence captured as the journey begins with the cock-eyed license plate.

Must've been a long trek, as indicated by the growth of a beard.  But no worries, it's all rest and relax here in front of the fire with a hot cup of coffee. 

 Mmmhhhmmm.  What a cozy fire.  Look at that chimney!  Where's there's smoke there's fire.  And of course, a bison skull over the mantel.

Breathe deeply of that fresh (non-snowy, non-icy, non-frigid, and non-make-your-eyelashes-freeze-and-sparkle) outdoor air.

Fully invigorated by his surroundings, who's up for a mini expedition?  Oh, this guy, of course.  He was totally made for this kind of adventure.

Mountain-climbing is no object.  Especially with the right gear.  And great traction on your feet.

Fresh mountain stream, a bridge over the bubbling brook and a bald eagle to perfect the scene.

A little spelunking yields a reward.  Red crystal-thingys.  Or red-gold.  Call it what-you-will, it's definitely the prize.

Heading back to camp, a winner for the day.  Road trip made.

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Where do you go when it's too cold to get out?

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