Monday, February 2, 2015

Breakfast Quinoa

I waited a long time to jump on the quinoa bandwagon.  Actually, I tried and fell off.

I heard rave reviews of its "mild, almost nutty flavor".  How it was "delicious" and "worked with so many flavor profiles".

My quinoa?  It was bitter.  Nasty, horrible.

Then I learned something:  Quinoa needs to be washed.  It can be bought pre-washed.  But mine wasn't.

I put the uncooked quinoa (just enough for a meal) in a bowl with water and rubbed and scrubbed it with my hands.  And then rinsed, and then repeated, and then rinsed, and then repeated...

I could smell when the bitter flavor was gone, but the water also remained more clear after a rubbing.

When I cooked it, it was so mild, almost nutty in flavor.  And oh the flavor profile possibilities!
Now we ride the quinoa bandwagon.  

Or "kiwi" as one little Pickle calls it.

He loves it this way especially:

Of course!  Where chocolate and strawberries are involved something is sure to come out amazing.

(Maybe that is way breakfast the following morning may have looked like this:)

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