Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I forgot...but you still win

I had planned this meal, this Curry Apple Tuna Salad for lunch today.  It is really quite good.  I'm not tuna's biggest fan, but the sweet crunch of Granny Smith apples and the surprise of flavor from Dijon mustard and curry is only more delightfully complimented by the addition of nuts.  Oh yeah, that sentence was starting out on the topic of tuna, wasn't it?  I got distracted by the other flavors.  See?  The tuna is great in here because it's really not so much the main flavor.  That's how I like my tuna.  The recipe calls for walnuts, but I usually have pecans on hand so we go that route.  Whatever you want.  It'll be a winner.  I kind of recall that last time I made it, I may have tossed a couple of raisins in there.  'Cause you know, these little Pickles here, they like those.  

But not today.  I had a sweet little menu plan all laid out for the week.  Did my weekly shopping trip, breathing a happy sigh of relief when the last bag was unpacked and stored happily away in the fridge and pantry.  But then.  Then I realized I forgot the tuna.  Ooops.  Guess we're not having this for lunch today.  So much for the winner recipe.  But you can!  (If you remembered your tuna.)  Since you still get the recipe, you get to come out a winner.

So now back to our lunch today....  Well, I think we'll just cook a few chicken breasts in a skillet (remember, I like to keep those on hand in the freezer?) and then add some sugar snap peas from the freezer.  When they thaw out in the skillet with the cooked chicken and are all lovely spring green looking in the pan, I'll add the leftover Sweet and Sour Sauce left over from last night's slow cooker meal over the top of the chicken and peas. (Oh dear, now that I go and re-read that recipe, I realize that I forgot to add the broccoli at the end last night!  I knew I was missing something.  Good grief.  Somebody is getting forgetful.  Well, even without broccoli it was still delicious!)  Hmmm.  Looks like we'll still come out the winner for lunch today as well!

I love win-wins.
If I remember what I'm doing.

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