Friday, July 17, 2015

This is reality, not a recipe

Peach season may be nearly my most favorite season of the year.  
Fresh Peach Salsa is my most absolute favorite way to savor the summer season of peaches.  

In a perfect world, I love mixing up all those fresh ingredients--spicy peppers, juicy peaches, fresh-snipped cilantro, red ripe tomatoes.   Typing that seriously just made my own mouth water.

But reality is that those ingredients are not always all perfectly poised in my pantry/garden waiting to become the next delectable appetizer when the craving strikes.

Today it was more like..."Oh dear, I have fresh, absolutely perfectly ripe peaches, my cilantro is getting ready to bolt, and I didn't even plant a tomato this year.  And those torrential flooding rains have kept my poor pepper plants stunted at 3 inches tall for the past 3 weeks."  Peach salsa fail?

Half eaten jars of salsa in the fridge to the rescue.

This is reality, people.

A splash of lime juice over the finely diced peaches, a minced garlic clove, a flavoring of finely diced red onion, and yep, the leftover salsa.

It probably can't be classified as a genuine recipe.
But this is reality, and yes, it is delicious.

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