Monday, September 26, 2016

Tennis Racket Makeover

I bought an old tennis racket at the ReStore for 75 cents a few months ago. Not because I'm a tennis aficionado, (honestly, I confess that I have never played) but because I saw it as a cute bulletin board of sorts. You know, to be used like decor on the wall to hang things on (in the bedroom, hang jewelry; by the back door hang notes and car keys; in the kids' room clip on drawings and photographs).

But today is Monday. And it is cold and gray and rainy. And a certain little Pickle "wants to do school too!!" And so we edited the plan to make the tennis racquet/bulletin board/wall decor a weaving project.

A little Pickle + a collection of ribbon bits + a tapestry needle + tennis racquet as unconventional weaving medium = a perfect solution
She loved her project. We now have lovely Pickle-created wall decor, which can still be a collection point for hanging things if so desired, and a certain Pickle practiced her fine motor skills and had a ball. I love having projects that can be ongoing and made-over.

Now I'm imagining some sparkly silver and gold and velvet ribbons would be lovely for Christmastime. Yes??
How do you beat the rainy Monday blues?

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