Monday, October 10, 2016

Refreshing the Retired Blue Jeans

There was a retired pair of jeans laying on my worktable last week.

Here it is, revived into 5 fresh and practical new items! I actually had a completely different idea when I started, but when that flopped, I challenged myself instead to use as much square footage of those jeans as possible. I love what happened!

--slippers. I'm wearing them this moment and they are fabulously comfy! I'm looking into patterns that are "Pickle"-sized next...
--dress. This is what started it all, flopped, and now has more than redeemed itself. I loooove the colorful thread detail on the bodice. 
--necklace. Tassels are popping up everywhere these days. Oh look, I got bit by the bug.
--hot pads. Mine current stash was looking war-torn and weary, but not anymore! There's a middle layer of Insul-Bright for heat protection. 
--little bag. What is it about cute little practical things that make me go weak in the knees?! I salvaged the zipper from the jeans, and used the fabric from under the back pocket (which was darker) to give this little pyramid bag some interest.

Happy fresh new week of being creative with what you have!

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