Monday, October 31, 2016

When you can't sleep in...make pumpkins!

The Pickles announced that they were going to sleep in on Saturday morning. "Waaaaaay in," they said. They were so excited. Maybe too excited.
Call it mother's intuition or what you will, but on Friday night I had the thought to section the legs of (yes, another) pair of outgrown jeans. I did a project sample run, and left the supplies laying on the table.
Sure enough, bright and early, or before bright even had a chance, Pickles had bounded downstairs and one by one filled in the seats at the breakfast table.
I handed out needle and thread to all and in about the span of a Saturday morning cartoon, we had a collection of adorable Pickle-made pumpkins sitting on the wooden chest in our living room. It was a perfect start to our "sleeping in" morning. From the littlest to the biggest, the Pickles excitedly stitched, gathered, stuffed, exchanged variation ideas (use painted stems in multi colors, use felt to make a face, and someone wanted theirs to look like a cat), and picked out their stems. It was morning well spent anyways.
Maybe we'll try that sleeping in thing some other day.

Enjoy a new week of looking for creative outlets!
{In case you were wondering: For my sample pumpkin, I inserted a zipper so the finished pumpkin could be used as a gift pouch, for something like say, homemade caramel corn. I painted my stem white to coordinate with the zipper accent.}

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