Monday, November 7, 2016

Pickle Project 1/5 - Jar Tissue Holder

Today is the first in a series of creative projects for Pickle-sized people (and bigger!) for useful and fun gifts!

So let's get started! You'll need:
-A glass quart jar
-Paint marker(s)
-A box of tissues 
-Ring lid
-Decorative paper to make...

...a tissue holder! Spiffy-up this practical gift by decorating a quart-sized jar (wide or narrow mouth) with paint marker artwork. Who is this gift ideal for? Teachers, parents, secretaries, aunts and uncles and anyone else you know with a nose!

Here's what to do:
Decorate the jar as you wish with the paint marker and allow to dry. 

Trace the inner side of the ring lid onto the paper and cut out the circle. In the center of the circle, cut an "x". This is where the tissues are drawn out through the top of the jar. 

Cut a small stack of tissues to 6" length. Fold the tissues in half lengthwise, with the top of the stack in the center of the fold. Stuff folded tissues into the jar, pulling the corner of the first tissue up and through the slots in the paper circle. 

Screw paper and ring lid down.

Make them festive.  Make them trendy.  Make and enjoy!

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