Monday, November 14, 2016

Pickle Project 2/5 - Potato Stamping

We're doing a series of Pickle-friendly projects for 5 weeks, focusing on frugal, practical, and just plain fun projects, great for gift-giving! Today is project #2! Go grab a potato from your pantry and let's have some creative fun!
Yep, a spud.
Potatoes are my favorite way to stamp with Pickle-sized people. Cut a potato in half and with few simple shaping cuts, you have a stamp that fits easily in little (or big!) hands for just a smidgen of a cost. Of course, I recommend that the bigger hands do the cutting and the smaller ones join in when it's stamping time.

Try these ideas to get you started:
-Cut a triangle into the potato half, adding few wedge notches on each side of the triangle and you have a pine tree.
-Cut wedges around the edge of the potato half and you have a sunshine or a flower.
-Just use that potato cut in half (circle-ish) and make Christmas bulbs, beach balls, you wanna build a snowwwwman?? Use a marker to add line details when the paint is dry.
-A half circle resembles a nice juicy slice of watermelon. The other half of the potato can be cut in the shape of the watermelon rind to create a two-stamp set!
Stamp on card stock paper for greeting cards, stamp on t-shirts, stamp on wood, stamp on walls, make your own wrapping paper--stamp to your heart's content! We chose simple (flat woven) dish towels for cute and practical gifts.

We spread a bit of acrylic paint on a plate. We practiced dabbing our potato stamps in the paint to get good coverage and then tested on a blank space (use extra paper or extra space on the paint plate) to get a feel for how much paint was needed. And then we stamped our towels. That's all there was to it.
Once the paint dried, I heat set the paint by ironing over the wrong side of the towels with a hot dry iron. Depending on how thick the paint was stamped on, it may have made the fabric seem a little stiff. A wash in the washing machine usually remedies that nicely for us!
(**mmmm, yes. We covered our workspace to protect from wandering paint. Even the most fastidious Pickles manage to get a little paint where it's not expected. And when painting something like a t-shirt or pillowcase, a piece of cardboard between the layers keeps any extra paint from soaking through to the backside.)

Ok, now you try it! The best part of enjoying creativity is just trying. At the very worst, you will simply be out a potato. But I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of stamping with a potato. (Be sure to come back here and show/tell us what you created!)
Happy new week of creating!

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