Monday, November 21, 2016

Pickle Project 3/5 - T-shirt wrap bracelets

Project 3/5. We’re making fun, frugal, practical and Pickle-friendly projects. Today’s project is not only super cute and perfect for giving, but it will only cost you the hem of your shirt.

Sure enough. Grab a t-shirt and a button (a couple beads will be fun as well!) and we'll make a Wrap Bracelet! Here's what to do:
1. Cut two (2) 1” bands from the hem of a t-shirt. We used a men’s medium t-shirt that had a circumference of 36”. Cut each loop so that they are each36” strips of t-shirt.
2. Hold one end of the strip and with the other hand tug on the strip until it curls around itself. Work down the whole strip of t-shirt until it is all a nicely rounded strip of “tarn.” That’s t-shirt yarn! You just made some t-shirt yarn! Repeat with second t-shirt strip.
3. Using a button (ours was 1”) with large holes, thread one strip of the tarn through one hole and back out the other hole. Pull tarn through until button is centered on strip.
4. With button centered in front of you, lay second strip over left side of threaded tarn, leaving about 3” excess at top. Bring right strip over new center strip, and then left strip over center strip. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Yep, you’re braiding! It is helpful to have a buddy hold the button end of the braid. Or even a clipboard is great for keeping the button end pinned down. I may have known some to put it between their toes. Do what floats your boat to get those strips braided.
5. When braid is approximately 15” long, tie a knot. (This measurement is for adults. Obviously, you can adjust the length to fit any size wrist, big or small.)
6. For button loop, tie a second knot almost an inch beyond first knot.
7. Trim excess tarn beyond the knots, and thread some beads onto the beginning excess tail by the button.
8. Wrap and wear. Or give and grin. Your choice.

Oh and take a picture to show us all here!
Happy new week of being creative!

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