Monday, November 28, 2016

Pickle Project 4/5 - Rice Bags (no sew!)

Here's Project #4! I hope you've been enjoying this series of Pickle-friendly projects that are frugal, practical, pretty, and perfect for gift-giving!
Feeding creativity comes from rethinking ordinary items into a fresh new approach. Today that will lead to wearing your socks around your neck! ...and being pretty adorable at that! Let's make some {cute!} rice bags today!

(We are rice bags fans over here. Pickles love them to warm up with them in the winter months and the parents here love them to relax and warm tight muscles. Always use caution when heating rice bags in the microwave to not overheat before allowing little Pickles to handle them.)

So here's whatcha wanna do to make your own rice sock:

1). Gather socks and rice. I found a fun mix/no-match set of knee socks --perfect for this project. For each sock, we used about 1 3/4 cup - 2 cups rice. I used a basic white, long grain rice. Nothin' fancy.
2). Tie a knot at the heel of one sock. Make sure it is snug and tight.
3). I love this paper funnel trick (I use it even to fill my little spice jars in the kitchen): Just take a sheet of paper and roll it up. Place one end in the top of the sock and then gently release the paper roll at the top so that it is wider than the end in the sock. Fill sock with rice, leaving space at the top of the sock to tie it closed.
4). Go ahead and tie your sock closed! Once again, make it snug and sure! Trim off the toe of the sock. You're done!
5). Heat rice bags in the microwave to use. Each microwave varies a bit, so use caution to not overheat. We usually heat ours about a minute, check and if necessary, warm for a few more seconds.

--add a scent of essential oil to your rice before adding it to the sock. Mmmmm, lavender....
--when tying the heel of the sock, catch the toe of the sock in the knot to form a loop. No trimming necessary now!

Know someone who would enjoy the projects and creative conversation here? Add them to the Feeding Pickle group!
Happy new {cozy} week of being creative!

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