The Name "Pickle" 
came about from a nickname.  Our first child embodied vivacious orneriness, unquenchable curiosity, and had a sincere love for dill pickles.  Without a thought, the nickname stuck, and endearingly, all of our children are referred to as our Pickles here, from the littlest gherkin to the original Pickle.  Go ahead:  say it without grinning, I dare you.  ☺  We love laughter here, and we're glad you can join in.

Feeding all aspects of life 
is what you will find here at Feeding Pickle Ltd.  Feeding the Pickles' creativity is at the heart of what we do each day.  "Doing and making things that feed creativity" is not just the business tag line--it is how we do life.  We tackle projects, learn lessons, laugh at our own cheesy funnies, fall down, pick up and try again, and most of all seek after the One who feeds our souls.  We intentionally offer the Pickles here nourishment to grow in every area of life--body, mind, and soul.  Founded in 2016, the business became a branch, growing naturally out of what we were already doing in life. 

As the owner and creator of Feeding Pickle Ltd.,  
a business offering bright and vibrant products, you may be surprised to find that I prefer plain vanilla ice cream (I make an exception for sprinkles), coffee with just cream (unless my husband surprises me with a latte), and neutral colored walls (as close to white as I can get and still hide fingerprints, ahem).  Moving way too many times turned me into an almost-minimalist (packing up a house repeatedly has the potential to do that to a person) and created a drive in me to make products that are great for travel and small spaces.  I also clearly have a thing for the overuse of parentheses (rabbit trail corralling at its finest).  

Enjoy your time here
at Feeding Pickle!   This blog is serves not just as our project and recipe journal, but to hopefully encourage your in your own unique creativity.  Thank you for coming by--we really do love having you here.  Kick off your shoes and stay awhile--join the Pickles as we look to infuse our days, from the mundane to the magnificent with sprinkles of creativity.

Come Feed Creativity with us.

Always be creative,
Marie Winfield, owner of Feeding Pickle Ltd,
but most importantly, the Pickles' mom
and wife to the man who holds us all together.

If you want to see more aspects of the business, check out Facebook.com/groups/FeedingPickle for creative conversation and our Instagram @feedingpickle


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