About Feeding Pickle

The Name "Pickle" came about from a nickname.  Our first child to be diagnosed with food intolerances had a vivacious orneriness and a love for dill pickles.  Without a thought, the nickname stuck.  Pickle has been the inspiration behind the recipes on this site--truly a journey in creating food that is safe and delicious!

Food intolerances became a part of our life several years ago.  In our effort to find and make food that would not just fill tummies, but nourish bodies, we embarked on a wheat and dairy free journey.  Feeding Pickle came about as I often get asked “What does Pickle eat?  What can I eat?!”  This blog began as my answer.  I am not an expert in nutrition, science or medicine, but only in what has worked for us.  We view our menus as "Eating Free".  Not as being free of wheat and dairy, but as being free of the issues they were causing in our bodies. Our adventure has not been restrictive, but rather educational and exciting as we explore all the foods that we CAN have!

Feeding all aspects of life  As the little Pickles grow here in this home, we want to offer them nourishment to grow in every area of life--body, mind, and soul.  We tackle projects, learn lessons, laugh at our own funnies, fall down, pick up, and try again, and most of all seek after the One who feeds our souls.  This blog serves as not only a food and recipe journal, but a documentary of our daily lives.

Enjoy your time here at Feeding Pickle!  Thank you for stopping by.  We hope you will find some  inspiration and encouragement to help you on your journey!

~Marie Winfield

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