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Holidays are often steeped in tradition.  Whether it be in what is eaten, where you go, what you wear, or who you are with, chances are that most everyone has a tradition that defines their memories of a holiday or any special occasion.
This photo depicts a few special memories and traditions for me:

This bowl and salad bring fond memories of both of my grandmothers.  In the bowl is the Overnight Floret Salad that my grandmother, Carol, makes for nearly every special holiday or family event.  I love this salad; the sweet and slightly tangy dressing over fresh broccolli and cauliflower with excitement added in sunflower seeds and grounded in flavor with crumbled bacon.  So many memories of times spent in my grandmother's kitchen, eating this salad and her other mouth-watering creations and enjoying the love around the table and beyond. The bowl itself has many warm memories of my grandmother, Mildred.  I loved the special times that my grandmother would create when I spent the nig…

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