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Rolling with the Color Wheel

It started as a study in color, and then questions of curiosity fed our creativity.

I love reviewing the color wheel with the Pickles.  Seeing colors form and morph while adding more of this and some of that one is something of which we never tire.  For the littlest Pickles, giving them an eye dropper to play with a drop food coloring in each primary color (red, yellow, blue) in an ice cube tray of fresh water is creative learning and play at its finest. Motor skills are developed and understanding for the world of colors is deepened.

After that, our color play involved seeing the colors expand and blend on cotton fabric using permanent markers and rubbing alcohol.

We began with our test towel.  (I bought a bulk bundle of 100% cotton flour sack towels for this project).  Dots of color were drawn, and then rubbing alcohol was dropped onto each color and we watched the colors expand and blend and even reveal the individual colors of which they were made.

I can’t just do one project; of…

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