The Heart and Beauty of Creativity

Being creative is not about being the newest 
and the best 
and the latest 
and the greatest.
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Being creative is often much quieter than that.
Being creative is often much slower than that.
Being creative doesn't happen over night.

It is fed.
It is nurtured.
It is thought-full. 

It is problem-solving being practiced in even the most minuscule dilemmas.

And it blooms
And continues to grow.
And like the miraculous transformation of a seed into a weathered gnarled tree, its own unique beauty matures--always somehow at its peak, but never static or fully yet complete.

Every day, the challenges it faces, the ideas it tries, the stumbling and standing back up....
That's the real heart and beauty of creativity.

Go feed that creativity a bit today.
And embrace it exactly where you are.

Always be creative,
Marie Winfield


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