Building (by) (on) (in) Faith

There's something about fresh starts. You're holding on by faith. You have nothing to lose. You are giving it your all. Creativity? It's at full throttle, in every angle of your existence. 

Honestly, this photo from late last summer, was of my favorite and least favorite stage of building. To see the actual structure finally take the shape of something we believed we could live in helped kindle the hope in our hearts. I kinda wanted to stop here and forever have a house that soaked up the sunshine. 

At the same time, set back after set back, including my husband "giving" the tip of his finger at this stage of building (thankfully my brother rushed him to the hospital and they were able to sew it back up) tested our faith to make sure we knew where our hope was truly found. Houses are great, we confirmed, but our hope is an eternal one, not built by human hands.

Maybe that has been our biggest reminder: hold everything in an open hand. 

And thank God for not only what He has given to us, but for what He prunes.


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