Projects for Pickles - Candle Holder

The first in a series of four Pickle-friendly projects for holiday making and giving.  Focusing on low cost supplies, and high creative input, these projects are designed to feed creativity in Pickles of all ages.  Let's get started, shall we?

If there is one thing that I love most of all for decorating during the holidays, it is to light a candle and enjoy the soft and warming ambiance.  Beautiful candle holders can elevate the candle's humble beauty.  Candle holders from unexpected sources elevate the creativity!  Next time you empty a can a mealtime, wash it up, and don't add it to the recycle bin--fill it 3/4 full of water and set it in the freezer!  
Never underestimate the beauty to be found in a can of beans.

When the can is frozen solid, prepare your tools and work space.  You'll need:
--a nail
--a hammer
--a piece of paper to wrap around the can (hint:  save the wrapper and turn it inside out!)
--pencil/pen/or permanent marker
--blocks/books/boards/something to keep the can from rolling
--towels to cushion your workspace and catch ice chips

Draw a design on the paper (cut to the size of the can) that you will use as a guide to punch holes into the can.  There should be enough holes so that the light can be enjoyed, but spaced far enough apart so they don't collide when punched through.


Tape paper around can.

Set can on towels, and support on both sides with boards or other object to keep it from rolling.  You want to choose a stable work surface to prevent opportunity for injury.

Position nail tip on markings made on paper.  Gently tap with hammer until desired sized hole is created.
Repeat until design is complete.  Consider that dripping wax will accumulate at the base of the can, making holes along the lower edge undesirable.  Run can under warm water to remove ice block.

If the can base expanded while freezing, gently tap the bottom of can to flatten.

*This project is best for Pickles old enough to understand the use and potential danger of the tools they are working with.  Be sure that the can opening has no sharp edges.  Adult supervision recommended.  

Did you make one?  I'd love to hear about it!  What other projects can be made from the simple can?

Always be creative,
Marie Winfield


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