Projects for Pickles: Pillowcases

I had a Pickle tell me one year that all he wanted for his birthday was bacon and eggs.  

That was it.  A breakfast.  I loved his enthusiastic and humble request.  Bacon and eggs were absolutely served for his celebratory birthday, but I also determined that I wanted him to wake up to his love for bacon and eggs every single day.  

I pulled out some gently used baby receiving blankets, a few fabrics for trimmings, and sewed up the most delicious project I've ever completed.  This bacon and eggs pillowcase.  He loved it.  I'll readily admit that it puts a smile on my face as well.

Pillowcases are a practical gift with loads of room for creativity.  We have used the Glue Batik Method to create pillowcases in the past.  This year, the Pickles worked together to create this cheery emoji pillow for a birthday present.  They dutifully analyzed the many emoji faces and recreated them with fabric markers.  I love most of all those adorable original faces that were included by the youngest Pickles.  

We sewed our own pillowcase from fabric we had here, but a cotton pillowcase from the store works just fine!  Pre-wash and iron the pillowcase, for the best color absorption, and then put a liner (cardboard, extra paper, cutting board, cookie sheet, etc) inside the pillowcase so no ink leaks through to the opposite side while you draw.  Then let your creativity shine with a box of fabric markers!  It's a simple project, but with great outcome and appreciation.

(The Pickles traced a can to ensure that each emoji was identical in size.)

I'd love to hear about what you love to make and give for birthdays!  
Leave a comment below!

Always be creative,
Marie Winfield


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