Projects for Pickles: Rock, Paper, Scissors

All you need for these projects are rock, paper scissors...

add a little glue, maybe fabric, or thread.  How about some wool, crochet hooks, wire, and a good dose of creative imagination!

Never look past the most humble creative resources--just look at what you can do with a rock!

Air plant holder directions:

Paint a rock with Mod Podge.  Cover the rock with a piece of map.  Coat well again with Mod Podge, smoothing creases to create a smooth surface.  Allow to dry on an upside down jar lid, to prevent sticking to work surface.  Use wire to create the plant stand.

Memory Crocheted Rocks:

A few special rocks from places we lived and loved.  Begin to crochet as if making a doily from the center.  Add loops and width to fit the shape and size of the rock.  Begin reducing stitches to enclose around the back of the rock.

Picture holder / Note holder:

Paint Mod Podge all over rock.  Cover with small fabric pieces, and coat with Mod Podge again to make them stick and stay.  Allow to dry, resting on an upside down jar lid so wet rock doesn't stick to table surface.  

Felted Rocks you can Sew:

Gently wind a bit of wool roving around a rock.  Using a bowl of warm water, rub a bit of dishsoap all over the rock.  Continue to rub (as if holding a bar of soap) until the wool tightens - felts - over the rock.  Add more as needed or desired.  Rinse well and allow to dry.

When dry, use colorful thread and needle and stitch any design you wish onto the rock.
  Who knew you could sew on a rock!?

What other creative rock projects to you like to make?  Share them below!

Always be creative,
Marie Winfield


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